Gamers have reacted to the ‘Elden Ring’ stage invasion in the best possible way

Credit: The Game Awards

Last night, The Game Awards delivered a very enjoyable evening for gamers. As anticipated, Elden Ring walked away with the most trophies, followed by God of War: Ragnarok. Along the way we got trailers for a new Hellboy game, DLC for Horizon: Forbidden West, new footage of Street Fighter 6, and a dazzling first look at Death Stranding 2.

But the night ended on an unexpected note. When the Elden Ring team took to the stage to accept their Game of the Year trophy, they were joined by an awkward-looking teenager who shuffled his feet during the speeches. He then took the mic to thank his “reformed Orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton.” Confused applause followed.

The Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley later said the gatecrasher had been arrested, which seems a little harsh to us:

Fortunately, it seems that almost everyone else saw the lighter side of the moment and a number of great memes instantly sprang up:

Bill Clinton DLC when?

Among Us is low-hanging fruit, but it works!

Could he be the next Soy Bomb?

This wouldn’t even be that out of place in a From Software game:

Oh no, Kanye is also somehow involved in this:

We want to know what he was thinking too:

Let’s hope this kid gets a slap on the wrist rather than any criminal charges. He didn’t interrupt the Elden Ring speeches and while his proclamation might have been bizarre, it certainly wasn’t hateful.

Whatever else goes down, we’re expecting this kid to dine out on this story for years to come. More as we hear it.