Gargos Joins The Killer Instinct Roster On May 27


Demonic warlord and series antagonist Gargos comes to Killer Instinct on May 27, developer Iron Galaxy Studios has announced via the game’s Ultra-Combo blog. The character’s arrival on Friday will raise Killer Instinct‘s total roster count to 24 fighters and leave just two to be released to wrap-up Season Three. Gears Of War‘s General RAAM is one, but Iron Galaxy has yet to reveal the eighth and final character.

The blurb on the release date announcement reads:

Gargos is here! Well, sort of. Happy to say that Gargos launches for Ultra Edition owners on May 27th – not at midnight, rather, in the morning hours Pacific time. Make sure to keep an eye on the KI Twitter account for exact release details come next Friday.

A week. That’s how much time we have between now and the Gargos Content Update.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve embedded a video of Gargos beating the living daylights out of Kim Wu above and boy, does he look gnarly in both appearance and combat ability. Through the use of portals and the power of flight, it looks as if, put in the right hands, he’ll will be frighteningly good at controlling the arena and zoning his opponents to dictate the flow of a match.

Getting in close to actually land a hit on the winged beast looks as if it’ll take a great deal of effort in itself, let alone actually winning. You better start training now – you know every last person you come up against online is going to be using him.