Georges St-Pierre Talks Martial Arts And Sleeping Dogs

Almost all of the promotional trailers that Square Enix has released for Sleeping Dogs have focused on the game’s in-depth combat system, which allows players to take out foes using both martial arts moves and elemental hazards. However, what hasn’t been talked about much – at least, up until now – is that Canadian UFC phenom Georges St-Pierre helped the team at United Front Games develop those much talked-about hand-to-hand mechanics.

This calendar day saw the release of yet another combat-centric trailer for the sandbox action game, which happens to be slightly different in comparison to its peers. That’s because, instead of using a ghost narrator to highlight important features, it tasks GSP with doing so. Dressed in martial arts attire, he makes statements regarding what it takes to be a good fighter, while gameplay segments are displayed. It’s an interesting combination, which gives us a better idea of just how much he actually influenced the game’s mechanics.

Check it out below:

Sleeping Dogs is scheduled to launch on August 14 for PS3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.