Get A Taste Of The Sibling Rivalry Set To Feature In Mass Effect: Andromeda Via New Featurette


Forget Commander Shepherd; on March 21, players will be introduced to Scott and Sarah Ryder, the dual protagonists set to headline Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Voiced by Tom Taylorson and Fryda Wolff, respectively, in order to get fans up to speed with their sibling rivalry, BioWare has rolled out a silly, light-hearted new video designed to highlight the budding chemistry between Andromeda‘s leading stars. There’s no actual gameplay to speak of – you’ll find your thirst for new footage suitably quenched right here – but it’s a welcome primer for BioWare’s spacefaring sequel nonetheless.

Much like FIFA 17 before it, Mass Effect: Andromeda is the first entry in the series built on EA’s Frostbite game engine, the same one used to render each installment of the Battlefield franchise year in, year out. This, coupled with the impressive scope of Andromeda, has led BioWare’s Aaryn Flynn to claim that the latest entry in the beloved Mass Effect series is shaping up to be the best yet – and given the sheer spectacle and level of depth on display in the most recent gameplay demo, we’re inclined to believe him. Expect a “tremendous graphical jump” from the original trilogy, then, while we’re sure to get another look at Andromeda in action before that all-important March 2017 release date. Stay tuned for more.

Mass Effect: Andromeda will deploy across North America and Europe on March 21 and March 23, respectively. PS4, Xbox One and PC are the targets, and those on the latter platform will find that Mass Effect 2 is currently free to download via EA’s Origin client.

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