‘God of War’ peaking on Steam with 65,000 concurrent players in just 24 hours

Image via Sony Interactive Entertainment

As one of the best video games of the past decade, certainly among the top contenders in the eighth generation, God of War was sure to supersede sales expectations when it finally launched on PC.

TIn spite of the fact that it’s only been a day since the game became available on Steam. SteamDB reports that God of War has had more than 65,000 concurrent players over the last 24 hours, currently sitting at the 14th spot in terms of user engagement on the platform. This is a huge success for Sony, especially when you consider the fact that almost every other game on that list is a multiplayer title.

In fact, God of War has managed to soundly beat both Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone – two other PlayStation 4 exclusives that made their way to Windows in 2020 and 2021, respectively. Horizon peaked at 56,557 players on its release date, while the latter scraped by with 27,450 users.

It’s not just the idea that the Santa Monica game is more popular when compared to the other two, but the fact that the developers have seemingly done a wonderful job of porting the game for personal computers. Reviews thus far have been anything but negative or skeptical, and other outlets like Digital Foundry are also applauding the game for its technical achievement.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself with an itch to beat the living daylight out of Norse gods and other mythical Nordic creatures, don’t hesitate to delve into the acclaimed 2018 reboot with this new port.

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