Gorgeous New Star Wars: Squadrons Art Calls For Pilots To Join The Fight

Star Wars: Squadrons

EA is due to provide a first look at its new Star Wars: Squadrons game later today.

The project inadvertently revealed last week after a blunder on Microsoft’s end led to it being listed on the Xbox Store for all to see, is in development at the publisher’s Motive studio, likely as a cross-gen title. We’ve yet to receive confirmation of which platforms Squadrons will be appearing on, of course, though the usual trifecta that is PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC are expected to be announced shortly.

If you simply can’t wait until then and seek some instant gratification, however, EA has recently released some stylish new art ahead of time that seemingly reveals a major gameplay component. We’ll get to that in just a moment, though. First, check out the posters, one each for the Empire and Rebel Alliance, below.

Given that both sides of the franchise’s central galactic war are calling for able bodies to pilot their spacecraft, it’s as good as confirmed at this point that players will have the option of which faction to fight for, though it remains to be seen if that choice will extend to both single and multiplayer. We already know that Squadrons has a dedicated story mode but as with most games set in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, events are traditionally told from the perspective of the good guys.

Then again, fans could be in for a surprise with Motive at the helm. The developer’s last major project was crafting the campaign for Star Wars Battlefront II which, if you’ll remember, caught the attention of many for presenting a story from the viewpoint of an Imperial shock trooper, Iden Versio. Could we be getting something similar with Star Wars: Squadrons? We’ll find out for sure at 8 am PST/4 pm BST, so don’t go anywhere!