Gotham Knights Dev Breaks Silence On Development With New Teaser

Gotham Knights

Not that anyone would flash you a look of surprise for thinking otherwise, but WB Games Montréal’s upcoming video game based on DC’s Batman is still very much alive. Despite being announced almost a year ago to the day, barely more than a whisper has been heard about Gotham Knights since. Indeed, initial gameplay and several pieces of concept art remain the only proof of the title’s existence, with the recent confirmation of a delay into 2022 only adding further to existing concerns among fans.

Thankfully, game director Geoff Ellenor has delivered some reassurance that everything is going smoothly behind closed doors with a brief Twitter post published yesterday. In it, Ellenor described the joy of working on the spiritual successor to Rocksteady’s Arkham series, stating, “Waking up to replay cool fights in the game is pretty good, honestly.”

Sadly, Ellenor stops short of sharing literally anything else about the open-world co-op adventure, which sees Batman’s students, Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood and Nightwing—all of which have their own unique set of abilities and play style—join forces in rooting out crime embedded in Gotham’s underbelly following the apparent death of Bruce Wayne.

Whether the Dark Knight is truly deceased remains a hot topic of discussion, with many believing his death to have been staged for reasons unknown. Whatever the truth, it’s as the aforementioned quartet that would-be heroes will be patrolling the streets looking to stamp out illicit activity when Gotham Knights eventually arrives on consoles and PC. As for when to expect to lay eyes on more gameplay, we’d recommend making a note of this year’s DC FanDome convention, which kicks off on October 16th, once again as a digital-only event.