Gotham Knights Reveals New Robin Art And Character Details

Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights developer WB Games Montréal seemingly isn’t quite ready to share a concrete release date for next year’s co-op adventure title set in the Batman universe, but it certainly isn’t averse to sharing new details about the game’s crew of iconic heroes. While we’re still firmly of the belief that the Dark Knight isn’t quite the corpse he claimed to be back in August’s reveal trailer, Bruce Wayne’s alter ego is, at the very least, nowhere to be seen by the events of Gotham Knights, having trusted the protection of the city to his four most talented students.

Similarly well versed in the life of crime fighting vigilantism, Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing and Robin find themselves with no other option than to team up root out the evil embedded in Gotham’s underbelly, all of which have their own preferred method of getting the job done. It remains to be seen, of course, just how different each member’s play style will be, but they certainly stand apart in terms of visual design.

As part of its ongoing series providing in-depth previews of each playable hero, WB Games Montréal has chosen Robin to be next, following Batgirl’s own showcase earlier this month, as you can see below.

For the curious among you, the individual donning Robin’s mask in this iteration of the character is Tim Drake. Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, on the other hand, have long since given up the mantle, having assumed their adult aliases of Nightwing and Red Hood, respectively. You can expect previews for those two to arrive in the weeks ahead, then, but in the meantime, be sure to let us know what you make of Robin’s design in the usual place below!

Gotham Knights is out in 2021 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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