Grab Your Pokédex: Pokémon-Centric Nintendo Direct Airs Tomorrow

Pokémon X & Y

Satoru Iwata will once again address the Nintendo nation tomorrow during the company’s Nintendo Direct video presentation, which is set to air 7 a.m. EDT (4 a.m. PDT and 12pm GMT). Centring on all things Pokémon, Iwata will focus on the forthcoming Pokémon X & Y that are slated for global release on October 12th – which, incidentally, is also the release date for the all-new 2DS.

Here’s a Tweet from the Pokémon account from earlier today detailing the schedule.


The bite-sized conference will be available to view via the company’s website in your respective region, be it the UK, U.S. or Japan. Traditionally, Nintendo has often opted to release details regarding the illustrious RPG franchise to their native region first. But tomorrow’s simultaneous presentation grants Western fans the chance to feast their eyes on fresh footage from the game – even if it means having an early mug of hot coffee at the ready.

With never-before-seen Pokémon and a brand new Mega Evolution feature, Pokémon X & Y look to push the historic series in an all new direction. Set in the serene Kalos region, trainers will begin their journey in the humble Vanivalle town before exploring the game’s expansive open world. With just over a month until its eventual release, Nintendo will hope for a final push to entice fans toward the game’s vibrant 3D world; one which promises a collection of new-fangled monsters and some age-old favourites.

Tell us, what would you like to see from tomorrow’s Pokémon-themed Nintendo Direct? Do you think the company will detail the online play for Pokémon X & Y? Let us know in the comments.