First Grand Theft Auto 6 Character Seemingly Revealed

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 6 has been something of a myth rather than a genuine video game supposedly being worked on behind the scenes.

The sequel, while still unofficial, is largely believed to have been in development at Rockstar for a number of years with a release – or at the very least, an announcement – considered to be somewhat overdue. GTA V, after all, is inching ever closer to seven years old, meaning it won’t be long before the gap between installments extends even further than that which fans were forced to wait between Red Dead Redemption and its eventual follow-up eight years later.

Assuming a similar pattern, then, it’s likely we won’t see GTA 6 hit retail until 2021 at the earliest, though with publisher Take-Two having detailed previously that it wants to shorten the wait between releases, there’s every chance of it arriving sooner. At the very least, recent developments appear to imply that an initial reveal is coming sooner rather than later.

As spotted recently on the résumé of one actor, in fact, it would seem that development of the title could be much further along than first thought. Jorge Consejo’s CV – seen below – lists voice work for a character called ‘The Mexican’ (proper noun or not; we’re not sure) in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Interestingly enough, Consejo also posted the following update to followers on Twitter just days ago.

In other words, Consejo is clearly under NDA to not talk about the project in question, though that doesn’t exactly indicate when Rockstar will be ready to spill the beans. We could still be waiting some time, therefore, until the studio is ready to break its silence but at the very least, Consejo’s character certainly fuels previous rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6‘s narrative will have a central focus on drug running and the cartels.

Think you’ve sussed out exactly what the sequel will involve? Feel free to share your theories in the usual place below!