Grand Theft Auto 6 Website Update Teases Imminent Reveal

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans may have stumbled upon the clearest sign yet that an announcement for the long-awaited sequel is imminent.

Over on Reddit, user bozidarilic has spotted a number of interesting changes recently made to certain internet domain names. One in particular – – is noted as having been updated as recently as March 23rd, inevitably leading to the suspicion that Rockstar is gearing up to make an official statement. Taken out of context, the minor adjustment means little, though tweaks of this kind have, multiple times in the past, directly preceded confirmation of new titles from other video game publishers.

You can check out the evidence clearly noting the most recent alteration below, courtesy of bozidarilic:

Is this finally the first proper sign of an upcoming reveal for Grand Theft Auto 6? Too soon to tell, but movement certainly implies that the developer is up to something behind the scenes, it’s just a question of what. It’s worth noting, too, that up until the site’s update earlier this week, entering the URL into any browser would redirect users to Grand Theft Auto V‘s website. Instead, the search now only returns a generic error page, further hinting that the sequel’s official website is due to go live in the near future.

Similar domain names (e.g. gtavii and remain untouched and still redirect to GTA V‘s aforementioned home online, leading to the belief (and lots of hope) from fans that something is most definitely afoot. Assuming the outcome is as expected, then, it’s looking increasingly likely that Rockstar could unveil Grand Theft Auto 6 any moment now.

Rest assured, we’ll be keeping an eye out on all the appropriate channels for any developments, so stay tuned.