Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaker Teases The Game’s Location And Setting

Grand Theft Auto 6

The continued absence of any official information for Grand Theft Auto 6 has become something of an internet legend.

Despite an announcement for the sixth installment being well overdue (Grand Theft Auto V is almost seven years old), developer Rockstar has remained tight-lipped on the subject, having so far refrained from even confirming the game’s existence. Despite the near-total radio silence, fans have spent the last few years attempting to theorize when exactly the UK-based studio plans to unveil one of the most highly-anticipated sequels of all time.

As is inevitable, the insatiable appetite for even the slightest hint or clue has led to an influx of so-called leaks purporting to have inside knowledge of the project, all of which have yet to be proven true. It’s with a similar level of skepticism that fans should view these latest rumors, then, though it’s worth noting that the source this time around has something of a reputation for reliability.

As spotted by u/bozidarrilic over on Reddit, a user over on GTAForums going by the name of “gonnaenodaethat” has recently been circulating various cryptic teasers and messages on the site, including one that implies a remastered version of Vice City will form the majority of GTA 6’s explorable map.

Perhaps more interestingly, however, is the discovery that gonnaenodaethat has correctly predicted a number of details for other Rockstar titles in the past, most recently with Red Dead Redemption 2. The Old West sequel’s original announcement and subsequent PC release was referenced by the user prior being made official, and spectators now believe the same is happening with Grand Theft Auto 6.

Most tellingly of all, is that GTAForums moderators – who usually take a firm stance against unverified rumors – have left gonnaenodaethat’s posts up, suggesting their accuracy. What ultimately comes of all this remains to be seen, though assuming everything lines up as it should, Grand Theft Auto 6 could well be finally unveiled by the end of March. Watch this space.