Grand Theft Auto 6 Release Date May Have Been Leaked

Grand Theft Auto 6

What, you didn’t think 2019 would end without at least one more Grand Theft Auto 6 rumor, did you?

Rockstar’s unannounced title is, after all, one of the most eagerly anticipated of the last few years, and despite the developer sharing literally zero details about it, speculation in regards to its setting and release date has been rife, to say the least. If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed with a feeling of déjà vu at the sight of that headline, then, it’s likely because you’ve read it an exhausting number of times ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto V.

With the crime series’ current incumbent fast approaching its tenth birthday (yes, GTA V released that long ago), however, talk of the inevitable follow-up has become exhaustingly frequent, to such an extent that separating fact from fiction is a headache-inducing process. And the absence of any official information has resulted in a breeding ground of unverified leaks, some more believable than others.

It’s with a massive pinch of salt, then, that this latest hearsay should be taken. Check it out below:

As per Twitter user PSErebus, Grand Theft Auto 6 is supposedly targeting a fall 2021 launch window, with an official announcement presumably intended to precede that. No proof or reasoning beyond that is provided, so skepticism is highly recommended. As an aside, it’s worth noting that PSErebus has spent the last several months providing similarly unsubstantiated claims about Sony’s PlayStation 5, so should any of those ultimately prove true, it’ll be worth reconsidering those revealed today.

As of right now, on the other hand, Rockstar’s plans remain just as mysterious as before, though one fan believes the studio has, in fact, been teasing Grand Theft Auto 6 in-game for quite some time. See here a complete breakdown of the impressive theory.