Grand Theft Auto 6 Potentially Hinted At In Rockstar Job Listing

Image via Rockstar Games

Rockstar remains steadfast in its decision not to share even the slightest ounce of information regarding Grand Theft Auto 6.

That perfect portrayal of mutism, however, has – as one would expect of a series boasting millions of fans – resulted in a tidal wave of rumors ranging from believable to outright outlandish. One so-called ‘leak,’ however, appears to have garnered itself a modicum of credibility owing to recent developments. As spotted by Twitter user and self-proclaimed Rockstar Games fanatic TheNathanNS, a new job listing recently appearing on the studio’s employment website has started causing a stir among the GTA community for a very specific reason.

We’ll get to how all of this weaves together in just a moment but first, check out the job listing below:

Taken at face value, the list of desired credentials doesn’t appear to hold any significance but there is a link, however strenuous, to be made.

For those unaware, a popular running theory for the unannounced sequel is that it’ll take place in multiple different time periods. This, it’s believed, directly correlates with Rockstar’s ongoing headhunt for a Character Costume and Wardrobe Stylist. That’s hardly a noteworthy revelation in itself, but the description specifically asks for candidates with a “deep appreciation of the history and cultural importance which clothing plays in society; from past eras to modern, global street styles and trends.”

A remarkably convincing connection, then, but it’s worth noting that Rockstar is far from a one-trick pony. Given how masterfully it’s so far managed to avoid letting leaks involving Grand Theft Auto 6 to reach the public domain, there’s every possibility that this particular job listing is for another, entirely unrelated project. Put simply, we’re no closer to learning the truth as we were yesterday, but it’s food for thought, at the very least.

Tell us, though, would you be interested in exploring a period-hopping Grand Theft Auto game, or would you rather Rockstar stick to the here and now? Let us know in the usual place below!