Grand Theft Auto 6 Potentially Teased In Rockstar Job Listing

Grand Theft Auto 6

The hype for Grand Theft Auto 6 is through the roof right now. Fans are reading into every rumor they can find in hopes that they’ll hint at the highly-anticipated next installment of the hit franchise. And now, a recent Rockstar Games job listing is bound to increase the anticipation surrounding the yet-to-be-announced project.

According to the developer’s official website, the company is beginning to take applications for an animation systems programmer with “strong coding skills, a good knowledge and interest in character animation systems, and passion for realistic, high quality character motion.” While this description doesn’t directly mention the Grand Theft Auto series, it’s easy to speculate that that’s the title the eventual employee will be working on. “Advanced animation systems for large open world character-based games” definitely sounds like GTA 6. Then again, it also sounds like a lot of other video games.

It’s highly possible that this next hire could be working on the hugely-anticipated follow-up, but there’s also a chance that this job opening has nothing to do with that game. After all, Rockstar does have several other popular open-world series. Bully, for example, is one of those beloved classics that’s been rumored to be getting the sequel treatment for years. While it certainly wouldn’t be as exciting as another GTA game for most, Bully 2 would definitely be a welcome addition to many fans’ queue. Maybe the new employee will be put to work on that?

Whatever Rockstar’s working on, folks should be excited about it. The developer has definitely proven its ability to make great games for years now, even though their level of secrecy can sometimes be infuriating. Unfortunately, all we can do at the moment is just wait and hope that Grand Theft Auto 6 is on the way.