Grand Theft Auto 6 Is Unlikely To Release Soon

Grand Theft Auto 5

Ask fans of Rockstar’s series when they think Grand Theft Auto 6 is likely to launch and you’ll get a range of answers wider than the Grand Canyon.

Months? Years? Decades? Okay, so only the world’s biggest pessimist would shoot straight for that last one, but given Rockstar’s penchant for delays, anything’s a possibility. Realistically, the most generally agreed upon window is sometime between late 2020 and 2021, but in the continued absence of any official announcement, even educated guesses are little more than a stab in the dark.

Endless leaks and rumors do little to help, either, and while some – such as this – could well be true, the lack of verifiable claims makes any believable hearsay just as unreliable as those considered outlandish. It’s with open arms, then, that many will welcome the arrival of some official comments straight from the horse’s mouth, even if they do little to clarify the series’ future.

Speaking to PC Gamer in a recent interview, Rockstar North co-studio head Rob Nelson discussed the continued popularity of Grand Theft Auto V‘s online component. Besides confirming that player numbers are now higher than ever before, Nelson continues to reveal how the company plans potential content updates and events a year ahead of release.

“We try to keep plans going roughly a year out,” he said, “but we want to have the flexibility to be responsive to any changes. It’s been six years and we just hit record player numbers and we are all incredibly grateful to everyone who’s been with us along the way.”

How does the above fit into the ongoing Grand Theft Auto 6 narrative? Directly, it doesn’t, but Nelson confirming that GTA Online still has at least a year’s worth of content in the pipeline doesn’t bode well for fans eagerly awaiting a sequel. The more likely scenario, of course, is that Rockstar has a separate team working on that project, but we’ll ultimately just have to wait and see what the future brings.

Tell us, are you still living the high life in GTA Online? If so, let us know whether you’d prefer that Rockstar continue to focus on its massively multiplayer experience or start fresh by dropping a comment in the usual place below!