Grand Theft Auto 6 Reveal And Exclusivity Details Reportedly Coming Soon

Grand Theft Auto 6

If you thought the rumor mill for Grand Theft Auto 6 had long since died down, think again.

The sequel (or lack thereof) has essentially taken on mythical status at this point, due to the absence of absolutely any concrete information, giving rise to totally fake leaks and spurious claims in the process. Indeed, fans are no closer to learning the truth about the franchise’s future now than they were several years ago, naturally leading to continued frustration, especially as Rockstar is seemingly in absolutely no rush to start talking about the sixth installment.

Given that GTA V‘s online component continues to generate obscene amounts of money through microtransactions, the wait could yet continue for some time, and likely will, at the very least, extend until the release of yet another port next year. As confirmed back in the summer during Sony’s initial PS5 showcase, GTA V is headed to next-gen consoles in early 2021, setting a new precedent for the longevity of online games in the process.

According to YouTuber Son of Atom, however, it’s this very same event that will precede Grand Theft Auto 6‘s announcement or, at the very least, some sort of teaser. Hinting at the occasion over on Twitter, they say that Sony and Rockstar will jointly share details about the title following the release of GTA V on PlayStation 5, implying that the two have in fact brokered some sort of exclusivity deal.

If (and that’s a big if) the rumors ultimately prove true, it’s likely that the agreement will entail a timed period of limited availability, with PC and Xbox Series X to get their own versions at a later date. Again, we can’t stress enough that this all remains firmly in the realm of speculation and it’ll be several months, as yet, until the truth becomes clear.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is rumored to be in the early stages of development. See here for everything we know so far.