New Grand Theft Auto V Trailers Will Debut April 30th


In typical Rockstar fashion, we’ve been starved of information for Grand Theft Auto V. Although in truth, the company’s advertising style is rather faultless for garnering excitement for their upcoming games. And now, in light of reports surrounding a live-action commercial being filmed in Mexico City, the industry giant has confirmed that new trailers will be unveiled for the game on April 30th Yes, trailers.

Here’s the teaser image that was released:


Simplistic and effective are two words that immediately come to mind. Other than ‘Michael. Franklin. Trevor.’, the image does little to hint at any intricate details, however it’s interesting that there will be more than one reel of footage unveiled. A dedicated trailer for each respective character, perhaps? Maybe.

After analysing the game’s second trailer – released in November of last year – we understand that each of these characters will be fully playable at any given time, so it’s entirely possible that Rockstar will favour a three-tier perspective in order to reveal more about our swashbuckling anti-heroes. What’s more, the commercial shoot in Mexico City took place between April 20th – 21st, so it will be interesting to see whether the live-action footage will feature in the upcoming trailers.

Grand Theft Auto V is the fifth numerical iteration in the popular series and is poised to revisit Los Santos and its surrounding area, including landmarks from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas such as Vinewood Hills, though, in saying that, the world map for Grand Theft Auto V is said to immensely larger in scope. The game was previously given a release window of spring 2013, however back in January, Rockstar pushed Grand Theft Auto V back to September 17th in order to make the game “as good as it needs to be.” No word yet on whether the game will be released on next-gen platforms, either.

Unfortunately, that’s all for now, but join us on April 30th in time for the new trailers for Grand Theft Auto V. In the mean time, if you haven’t seen the game’s previous trailer – where have you been?! – or you just want to refresh your memory, check it out below and let us know which character you like best in the comments.

Source: IGN