GTA Online’s Bikers Update Available Now, Create And Run Your Own Motorcycle Club


Rockstar’s previously announced Bikers update has gone live for GTA Online today, bringing with it a raft of new tools and features to help players get their own motorcycle club off the ground and into full working order.

Before you start picking your crew, kitting them out with choppers and taking to the open road, you’ll need to get yourself a base of operations. Clubhouses are now up for purchase across Los Santos and San Andreas, although fair warning – the bigger your ambitions, the more cash you’ll have to cough up.

However tight your budget is, every Clubhouse comes with its own bar, Bike Shop, recreational activities and a meeting room, the latter of which will be your first stop for organizing and picking up contracts for you and your club members to complete.

Every successful club has a reliable source of income, and motorcycle gangs are no different. Open Road clients offer opportunities ranging from the relatively mild document forgery and cash counterfeiting to drug and weapons trafficking. The more you risk, the better the reward will be. All accrued cash can be reinvested back into your club by way of equipment upgrades and additional staff.

Thirteen new bikes have also been made available, with a new feature introduced that remembers your favorite bike, bestowing health and damage boosts to your character whenever you plant yourself on its leather-bound seat.

Rounding out the rest of the update are new weapons and customization options, including tattoos decals for your bike and new clothing options. As an added bonus, if you log in to GTA Online within the first week of release, you’ll receive the Western Logo Tee and Nagasaki Hoodie items.