Guardians Can Hop Into Destiny’s All-New Iron Banner Event From Today


After a brief three-week hiatus, Bungie has confirmed that its challenging Iron Banner event will return for Destiny effective immediately.

From Tuesday, June 30 at 10:00am PT, the competitive multiplayer event will be back with a bang and a coveted pulse rifle known as Skorri’s Revenge – better get to clearing out space in the vault, then. In keeping with Iron Banner events of old, there will be new gauntlets, chests and indeed bragging rights to earn.


Here’s the official word from Bungie:

Given that Iron Banners traditionally last for around one week, there is perhaps no better time to launch a new installment of the competitive mode with the oncoming holiday weekend in the States. If it’s anything like the most recent iteration, lower-level Guardians will have the opportunity to rise up through the ranks at a relatively brisk pace, as the event will include a reputation boost for those who dare to lock horns with the best of the best.

As ever, fortune favors the brave in Destiny‘s Iron Banner multiplayer showdown, with Guardians able to access all of their equipment’s attributes in the 6-on-6 tussles. This is a considerable step up from the regular Crucible matches, which nerf certain armaments all in the interest of balance. For Iron Banner, though, there is but one rule: hunt or be hunted.

Source: Twitter