Halo: Forward Unto Dawn Teaser Released, Halo 4 HDD Requirements Confirmed

Remember that live action mini series that Microsoft is planning to release for the marketing purposes of Halo 4? Forward Unto Dawn? Well, we’ve got a teaser courtesy of Machinima here for your viewing pleasure, along with a bit of odd news.

It would seem, according to information on an Xbox.com product page, that Halo 4 will require at least 8 GB of space for the multiplayer mode. Which would somewhat make sense, given that there are weekly downloadable episodes planned. Unless this is supposed to be for something else.

Guess we’ll find out when the game is out later this fall.

As for the video below, it’s a teaser of a teaser and it doesn’t show off a whole lot, aside from Master Chief in a real form. Or at least more real than he’s always been.

Have a look below and let us know what you think.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.