Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Heads To Steam And Xbox One This Week

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is finally getting a standalone release this week. Available on both Xbox One and Steam from April 20, this particular version of the RTS comes in at $19.99 and boasts all the benefits of the pack-in included with Halo Wars 2‘s Ultimate Edition. For those not in the know, that includes all DLC ever released for the original, with visuals having been given a once-over in an effort to make them more eye-pleasing for a modern audience – not that it looked particularly dated in the first place, mind you.

Those that pick it up on Steam should note, however, that online play will be restricted solely to playing with others on Valve’s service, a missed opportunity to expand the player base for a title that already struggles to attract an audience on other platforms. But hey, at least the option is there, right?

As for Halo Wars 2, Creative Assembly and 343 Industries continue to update the well-received sequel, the most recent update for which introduced a brand new leader, Lt. Colonel Morgan Kinsano. Boasting a borderline unhealthy love of fire, Kinsano’s addition to the ranks of the UNSC includes several new toys, including flame-spewing Warthogs and a special ability that unashamedly incinerates entire landmasses in an effort to scrub Atriox and his Brutes from existence.

Creative says that it plans to release new content updates for Halo Wars 2 every month for the foreseeable future, including additional leaders and new campaign missions. Prices have yet to be announced, but you can probably expect to drop an amount of cash somewhere in the ballpark of $5.99 – the price of Kinsano’s associated DLC.

If you’ve yet to give the sequel a go, see here for our review.

Source: VideoGamer