Halo’s Arbiter Teased For Killer Instinct Season 3


A second guest character – following Battletoads’ Rash – has been teased for the third season of Killer Instinct. Hint: he’s an Energy Sword -ielding alien.

Yeah, that’s right – The Halo series’ favourite extraterrestrial (and Master Chief’s friend and foe) The Arbiter is coming to the Xbox One exclusive beat ’em up as part of its third season. Or that’s what we all suspect is happening, considering what the footage shown at the end of Kim Wu’s announcement trailer reveals.

The last few seconds of the trailer show some monolithic statues of Sangheli warriors before sweeping over the two-toed feet of their number as an Energy Sword bursts to life. We’d say that’s pretty conclusive evidence that it’s The Arbiter.

Aside from Rash, Kim Wu and – probably – The Arbiter, Iron Galaxy have also confirmed that original characters Tusk and Gargos will also be returning for Season 3, the latter of which has been mentioned extensively in-game by several characters.

Killer Instinct‘s third season is currently scheduled for a March release for both Windows 10 and Xbox One, but there’s still plenty of room for more character announcements. Tell us, which returning fighters would you like to see make a comeback? Our pick is for the glorious return of Eyedol.

Source: VideoGamer

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