Hello Games Provides State Of Play Update On What’s Next For No Man’s Sky

Doesn’t time fly? Almost a month has passed since No Man’s Sky finally made contact with the PlayStation 4 and PC and by Jove, has it generated a wealth of discussion.

From vague theories suggesting Hello Games removed several previously mentioned features prior to release, to a gigantic amount of pressure and expectation heaped on the studio leading up to release, Sean Murray and the rest of his team have certainly had their work cut out for them.

So, what’s been going on over at headquarters since August 9? According to a new blog post released over the weekend, the developer has been “inundated with feedback and discussion about No Man’s Sky,” further adding that regardless of whether the feedback was negative or positive, they’re “listening carefully.”

Besides the above, a community and support management team has been “brought on board,” in an effort to better interact with the playerbase, with all prior patch notes having now been written up for perusal here.

What’s next? Well, the current focus is on resolving issues, but once that obstacle has been overcome, it seems that free content updates are on the horizon which will “improve, expand and build on the No Man’s Sky universe.”

Sean Murray has stated previously that giant freighter ships and base building are the types of updates he’d like to implement in the future, but what do you want to see? You can let Hello Games know yourselves by emailing them at [email protected]