Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For Fortnite Season 9 Week 2 Challenges


Off the back of Fortnite Season 8’s quite literally earth-shattering conclusion last month, developer Epic Games has left little time to let the dust settle. In fact, fans had just one week of breathing room before the transition to Season 9, thus restarting the tri-monthly cycle all over again. Using the eruption of Loot Lake’s volcano several weeks ago as the catalyst, rebuilding efforts following the catastrophe have yielded some interesting results, to say the least.

A futuristic reimagining of Tilted Towers, perpetually afloat Sky Platforms and wind-powered Slip Streams are all par for the course this time around, with suitably-themed garb to boot. In order to get your mitts on those wardrobe options, however, you’ll once more need to start racking up XP and Battle Stars by completing weekly challenges.

As it’s still early days, there’s plenty of time to unlock everything before Season 10 rolls around, though a little proactiveness never hurts. Fortunately, there are a lot of players that share that mindset, and they’ve taken to putting together an in-depth cheat sheet to help you breeze through this latest batch of tasks. Check it out below, courtesy of Fortnite Insider.

We’ve already provided a total breakdown of every free and premium pursuit available this week over here, though generally speaking, most are largely iterations – eliminations, landings, specific weapon kills, etc. – of previous challenges. The major talking point this time around is the requirement to ‘visit an oversized phone, a big piano and a giant Dancing Fish trophy.’ No, I haven’t lost the plot – you’ll actually need to go out and search Battle Island in order to satisfy the odd request or, alternatively, let the map above guide your way.

That about covers all the major talking points for this week’s content, then, though be sure to check out Fortnite‘s latest Limited-Time Mode once you’ve hit 100% completion. Wick’s Bounty marks the battle royale’s first official crossover with Lionsgate’s John Wick film series and has some lucrative rewards on offer. See here for all the details.