Here’s Your Cheat Sheet For Fortnite Season 9 Week 5 Challenges


Fortnite Season 9’s latest round of challenges represents somewhat of a genre mishmash. Exploration, racing, demolitions and treasure hunting are par for the course this time around, and where better to start, than with the initial batch of free tasks? Just three of the seven total mini adventures Epic would have players partake in this week are freely accessible, the first of which is sure to kick up a literal stink.

Dealing a total of 200 damage to opponents with stink bombs, dynamite or grenades will have you well underway towards hitting 100% completion. It’s an easy ask, given how readily available each gadget is via ground loot, though you’re best off killing two birds with one stone and getting the gear via searching treasure chests at Salty Springs or Frosty Flights. A total of seven are needed to tick off challenge number two, which only leaves simple eliminations to close out the free assignments.

For pointers on how best to complete all of the above, see the cheat sheet below, courtesy of Fortnite Insider:

As for the exorcises exclusive to Battle Pass owners, all but one are iterations of past weeks and seasons. Eliminations while atop Sky Platforms and the requirement to visit several Wind Turbines are both handily signposted for you above while placing traps in five separate matches requires little in the way of guidance. Unless Epic simply forgot to specify, it seems that said traps don’t necessarily even need to be sprung, so feel free to set them and forget them.

Finally, all that’s left is Week 5’s sole staged challenge. This is a brand new one and requires that you seek out three different race tracks around Battle Island and complete a lap of each. You’ll want to park yourself in the seat of a vehicle before crossing the start line, of course, though that’s all you need, as we’ve already covered the whereabouts of each track.

That about covers everything for Fortnite‘s latest challenges, though if you’ve found yourself behind this season, feel free to check out our archives to help get you up to speed.