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Here’s Your First Look At LEGO Dimensions’ Sonic The Hedgehog Level

LEGO Dimensions' Sonic The Hedgehog Level Pack expansion is almost here, and it looks like the bizarre combination is shaping up rather well.


LEGO DimensionsSonic The Hedgehog Level Pack expansion is almost here, and while the marriage of plastic bricks with a lightning-fast hedgehog sounds like a combination less suited to be together than chalk and cheese, think again – it looks like TT Games has nailed it.

As part of his appearance on LIVE with YouTube Gaming, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment producer Doug Heder showcased some of the Blue Blur-themed content headed to the crossover extravaganza, including a walkthrough of a 3D Green Hill Zone, complete with Badniks and Sonic’s trademark Spin Dash.

Everything may look a little more ‘square’ than you’d expect of a SEGA-created Sonic title, but the level of authenticity is top-notch, even including a recreation of the iconic intro from the original Genesis games.

LEGO DimensionsSonic The Hedgehog Level Pack will be available to buy at retail from November 18 and includes all of the above in-game content as well as three minifigures: Sonic, The Tornado and the Sonic Speedster. A Sonic themed Adventure World and Battle Arena will also be available.

Sonic is the latest in a long line of famous fictional faces to be immortalized in LEGO form. The likes of Batman, Knight Rider, Ghostbusters and Adventure Time are just some of the franchises TT Games and Warner Bros. have inducted so far, and there’s likely many more to come.

Skip to around the 6-minute mark in the video below to see Sonic in action.

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