LEGO Batman Movie And Knight Rider Add-Ons Headed To LEGO Dimensions Next Year


LEGO Dimensions will welcome even more iconic characters from the past, present and future of pop culture next year with three new expansion packs, Warner Bros. has announced.

Miniature versions of David Hasselhoff’s Michael Knight character and his vehicular companion K.I.T.T. from hit 80s show Knight Rider will join the existing cast of characters on February 10, 2017 by way of a brand new Adventure World and Battle Arena.

New content for another well-known Knight was detailed, too. A tie-in expansion for the LEGO Batman Moviewhich releases alongside the Knight Rider pack, will ship with six brand new stages, new minifigures including Batgirl and Robin and a customizable Batwing, which can be rebuilt to take on the form of the Bat-Tank and Black Thunder. As is the case with the Caped Crusader’s vehicles, K.I.T.T. can also be rebuilt into three different forms, although we’re not sure what shape these will take.

More bite-sized content packs are on the way in the future, too. The so-called Excalibur Batman Fun Pack will include a Batman mini-figure and a 3-in-1 Bionic Steed that, you guessed it, can be rejigged to become the Ultrabat and Bat-Raptor.

We can’t wait for the large dose of nostalgia that the Knight Rider pack will surely trigger next year, but there’s still plenty of LEGO Dimensions content to look forward to before the end of this one. Sonic The Hedgehog, Fantastic Beasts, ET and Adventure Time-themed expansions are all due to release within the last few months of 2016.