Hilarious ‘Elden Ring’ meme going viral blames General Radahn for dinosaurs’ extinction

Starscourge Radahn | Elden Ring

Over the years, creator Hidetaka Miyazaki has bestowed the gaming community with a number of controller-breaking, strange-looking, and overall surrealistic boss fights in the Soulsborne saga, but FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece Elden Ring is taking that formula to the next level with a range of insanely difficult boss battles that are leaving even Souls veterans utterly flabbergasted.

From a gigantic hellish wolf wielding an enormous sword in his teeth, to a dragon the size of Mount Hayes, Dark Souls fans have been through it all. But just when you begin to think that Miyazaki couldn’t surprise you with anything novel, an Elden Ring boss literally launches into space and comes down upon the player as a freaking meteorite.

That’s right, folks. Elden Ring players eventually come upon a demigod called Starscourge Radahn, whom they’ll have to fight in two phases. After meticulously — or rather miraculously — making it out of the first phase alive, General Radahn takes to the air, and comes back a meteorite a couple of seconds later.

This is something that takes most players by surprise the first time around, with Radahn one-hitting them to the depths of the abyss before they realize what’s going on. Now, a meme posted on the game’s official subreddit is making fun of Meteorite Radahn by revealing that he was the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs in the Lands Between.

As memes go, this is actually pretty high effort, once again highlighting the Soulsborne community’s coping mechanism of making fun of their pain. Here’s hoping that newer players manage to defeat Radahn in their first fifty tries before going insane.

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