Hints emerge for new PlayStation games on PC

Gamers everywhere went wild when they learned that God of War would no longer be a PlayStation exclusive and it would be coming to PC in 2022. Now, an eagle-eyed fan has noticed that even more games may be announced very soon.

Streamer Casey Explosion pointed out that there were suddenly three news games on the PlayStation page on Steam. There were just 50 games listed back on Oct. 29, compared to the 53 noted via tweet.

Gamers immediately began to speculate on which games might be coming as well as simply posting what they hoped might make the cut. Unsurprisingly, with Spider-Man: No Way Home on the horizon, one user hoped for Spider-Man.

Another hoped for Forbidden West to join the PC lineup, and Casey seemed confident it would happen.

Of course, many seriously wanted to see Bloodborne finally come to PC, but that seemed less of a sure bet than others.

What games are you hoping will no longer be PlayStation exclusives soon? Are there titles you think are more likely to be one of the new three games on Steam? Tell us in the comments!