Homefront: The Revolution Locked For May 17, Beta Hits Xbox One In February


Target was right all along, it seems. Following last week’s untimely leak, publisher Deep Silver has pegged its shooter sequel Homefront: The Revolution for a release on May 17, with a beta expected to hit Xbox in February.

Access to said beta will be dolled out by a token system handled by Xbox and Deep Silver, and you can toss your name into the proverbial hat to be in with a chance of participating via the company’s official website.


As today’s new trailer draws attention to, The Revolution takes place across the ruined city of Philadelphia in 2029. Occupied by the invading Korean People’s Army, the long-gestating sequel ramps up the references to Red Dawn and then some. Introducing players to the volatile Red Zones and Yellow Zones, today’s sizzle reel is more an overview of the game world than anything else, and we’re intrigued to see how the Guerrilla Warfare unfolds in the final release.

Emerging from a troubled production, Homefront: The Revolution was initially in the works at Crytek UK, though financial issues thrust the sequel into development hell before Deep Silver picked up the rights. Now, with Dambuster Studios taking the reins, the follow-up is finally on the verge of release.

Become part of the uprising when Homefront: The Revolution lights up PS4, PC and Xbox One on May 17. Owners of the latter console can look forward to the beta test next month, with more details expected closer to the time.

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