Horizon Zero Dawn Expected To Reach Lifetime Sales Of 6-8 Million; 4-6 Million In 2017

There’s still a small period of time left to wait out until Horizon Zero Dawn becomes available for the masses, but early reviews have seen Guerrilla Games’ open world adventure get off to an excellent start, a success that could see it reach lifetime sales of up to 8 million copies, according to one research and analytics firm.

According to SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen (via MCV), the company believes that the PlayStation 4 exclusive could reach around 4-6 million copies sold before the end of 2017 based on “initial observations,” with lifetime sales “likely” to be around the 6-8 million mark which, Dreunen says, would put it in the “same category as Uncharted 4 and Metal Gear Solid 5” in terms of sales success. Such figures are huge for any IP, regardless of how established it already is, but considering Horizon Zero Dawn is the first in what’s looking likely to be a series, the projections are all the more impressive.

Both titles mentioned by Dreunen have had years (decades, in Metal Gear Solid‘s case) to grow and nurture a dedicated fanbase, so Sony and Guerrilla will undoubtedly be happy with the predictions, even if they do fall just a little short.

2017 has been a strong start for Sony in terms of software. Besides the impending arrival of Aloy’s adventure, Team Ninja’s recently released Nioh also went down well with critics and players alike thanks, in part, to its numerous demos and anticipation generated through its Souls-like gameplay. With another JRPG and PS4 console exclusive – NieR: Automata – just on the, er, horizon, the future’s certainly looking bright for the console.

As for Horizon Zero Dawn, it’s out February 28 in North America and March 1 in Europe. You can find our own glowing review here.