Horizon Zero Dawn To Feature “Very Robust Skill Point System” As Guerrilla Talks RPG Mechanics

Guerrilla Games has confirmed that Horizon Zero Dawn will come packing a “very robust skill point system” enabling players to customize the game’s flame-haired protagonist, Aloy.

Word comes by way of GameReactor (via WCCFTech), where Lead Quest Designer David Ford revealed that these features will incorporate weapon and outfit modifications, lending users the opportunity to tweak the appearance of Horizon‘s lead as they see fit.

Casting light on the title’s RPG mechanics, here’s what Ford had to share:

We have a lot of game systems that you can use to improve your character, Aloy. We have outfits that you can use that have different stats on them, there are modifications that you can get for your outfits and for your weapons. There’s additional tiers of weapons with different ammo types. There’s a skill point system that’s very robust and allows you to customize your character. Some of the things in some of our demonstrations are utilizing skills that have been purchased through that system. It unlocks new ways to play in addition to new ways to fight when you get new weapons.

Postponed out of this calendar year so that Guerrilla can add an extra sheen of polish – playtesting alone has been eating up a chunk of time, given the game’s impressive scope – Sony is evidently aligning the studio’s new IP to become a budding new franchise under the PlayStation umbrella.

Horizon Zero Dawn roars to life on February 28, 2017. Tell us, will you be stepping foot in Guerrilla’s post-post-apocalyptic world?

Source: GameReactor