Horizon Zero Dawn Video Casts Light On The Secrets Of The Past


Aloy prepares to embark on a great adventure in this all-new featurette for Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla’s bold new IP that’s already being tipped as the next big, first-party PlayStation franchise. No pressure, then.

Rooted in a post-post-apocalyptic world where humans are no longer perched at the top of the food chain, Horizon imagines a lush, vibrant open world wherein players take up arms as the flame-haired Aloy, a hunter and scavenger who roams these battle-scared lands in search of food and equipment. Walking in the footsteps of giants, Aloy also has some company in the form of giant, mechanical dinosaurs, and though Guerrilla has remained tight-lipped about the robotic beasts, we understand their mere existence is fundamental to the core story.

Either way, it won’t be too long before Horizon Zero Dawn is out in the open. In fact, PlayStation UK has revealed that the PS4 exclusive will launch a little earlier than expected for those across the pond, where Horizon will deploy on March 1, 2017. Previously earmarked for Friday, March 3, that brings the game’s UK due date in line with the remainder of Europe. It should be noted that the US release of February 28 remains unchanged.

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch for those in North America first on February 28, before expanding across Europe and the UK on March 1, 2017.