Horizon Zero Dawn Video Chronicles The Rise Of The Machines, New Screenshots Surface


Developer Guerrilla Games, best known for the long-running Killzone franchise, is poised for a radical departure in 2017 thanks to the release of Horizon Zero Dawn.

An open-world RPG rooted in a post-post-apocalypse, the studio’s new IP is about as far removed from a linear corridor shooter as you can imagine, which has us all the more excited to take a deep dive into Guerrilla’s vibrant new world come February. Imagining a scenario in which humanity is no longer sat atop the food chain, a new video hailing from PS Blog today chronicles the rise of those towering machines, and how they evolved into the apex predators of this most impressive universe.

From the Shellwalker to the Snapmaw to the T-Rex-esque Thunderjaw, some of the robotic dinos that roam the plains of Horizon Zero Dawn are nothing short of extraordinary, and PS Blog teases that, “as with the other machines of Horizon Zero Dawn, they have weaknesses that Aloy can tactically exploit — but they’re a brutal reminder than nowhere in this world, whether in water, on land, or in the air, is a safe haven for humans.”

Guerrilla is remaining tight-lipped for now, but we understand that the presence of these machines has a bearing on the core story. It’s one that will have you play the role of Aloy, a flame-haired hunter who seeks to understand the mighty beasts. You can catch a glimpse of our heroine in action up above, while a host of striking new screenshots can be found in the gallery.

Horizon Zero Dawn will stomp onto PS4 on February 28, 2017. It’s one of, if not the poster child for Sony’s imminent PS4 Pro, and you can see exactly why that is via the video below.