Resident Evil 6 To Feature Four Hours Of Cutscenes

The British Board of Film Classification has awarded Resident Evil 6 with an 18 certificate, stating that the game “Contains strong violence and gore.” Along with the rating, the Board also revealed that the much-anticipated survival horror title will contain over four hours worth of cutscenes.

In comparison, both Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 feature approximately one hour of cinematics each. However, before jumping to the conclusion that the series has gone all Metal Gear Solid on us, it’s worth noting one key difference between this outing and its two predecessors. Unlike its peers, Resident Evil 6 will have three different campaigns to cover as well as a potential forth, if the data in the demo is anything to go by. For that reason, the noted cutscene length makes sense.

After getting a chance to try Leon, Chris and newcomer Jake at E3 last month, my anticipation for RE6 couldn’t be higher. Additionally, now that we know the game will feature enough cutscenes to hopefully give each character a deep narrative, the wait for October has become even harder to bear.