How To Get The Hulk Smashers Pickaxe In Fortnite Chapter 2


Fortnite‘s latest collaboration event with Marvel is a go.

As confirmed by Crystal Dynamics in a recent War Table stream, the developer is teaming up with Epic Games to give players of the battle royale a chance to earn some superpowered goodies, including cosmetics themed after the likes of Iron Man and Hulk. The first of these special items (dubbed the Hulk Smashers) is now obtainable for use in-game, though you’ll first need to jump through a few hoops in order to add them to your collection.

First things first – you can’t score yourself any of this sweet loot until your Epic and Square Enix accounts have both been linked to either a PlayStation Network or Xbox Live account. The latter profile used must be the same for both games, or else your prize won’t end up in the correct end location. It’s worth noting, too, that at this time, beta players on PC are unable to participate in the promotion.

Once all of the logistical issues above are sorted, you’ll need to boot up the Marvel’s Avengers beta and head to the Harm Room.

Not dissimilar to the X-Men’s patented War Room, here you can participate in various training exercises intended to familiarize you with each character’s playstyle and abilities, with several to choose from. For the purposes of unlocking the Hulk Smashers for Fortnite, however, you need only complete three of these challenges and on any difficulty. Assuming everything up to this point has been done correctly, you should receive a message notifying you of the unlock and will find them in Fortnite‘s customization menu the next time you log in. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive the Hulkbuster cosmetic style, both of which you can check out in the gallery above.

For all of the dates and times of availability for the Marvel’s Avengers beta, see here.