inFAMOUS: Second Son Planned For February 2014 Launch


Speaking to Polygon, Sucker Punch has revealed that they are currently planning to launch inFAMOUS: Second Son for the PlayStation 4 sometime in February 2014.

As announced last February, inFAMOUS: Second Son is set seven years after the events in inFAMOUS 2‘s good ending. The game features an all new protagonist, a new city, and the gameplay is promised to expand far beyond Cole MacGrath’s electrical-based powers. In an effort to avoid a repeat of the catastrophic events in both Empire City and New Marais, the government has set up the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) and tasked them with hunting down anyone that shows signs of being a “bio-terrorist.”

Players take control of Delsin Rowe, a 24 year-old graffiti artist from Seattle. One day Rowe happens upon a fiery bus wreck, and in the process of trying to save the occupants trapped inside he discovers that he has the ability to manipulate and even transform into smoke and fire. In addition to his smoke powers, Rowe also finds that he can absorb the superpowers of other characters, which ultimately draws the attention of DUP.

Similar to the first two titles in the franchise, inFAMOUS: Second Son will feature multiple paths (based on decisions made within the story) though the game, and give players the freedom to explore the city of Seattle.

It has always been a bit disappointing that inFAMOUS: Second Son will not be ready launch alongside the PlayStation 4 this November, however, its February 2014 release window puts it within the limits of our patience… for the most part. We will keep an eye out for a more specific launch date for the highly anticipated game and let you know as soon as anything official is announced.