Injustice 2’s First DLC Character Pack Includes Sub-Zero, Starfire And Red Hood


Well, that was quick. Just earlier this week, NetherRealm’s Ed Boon took to Twitter in order to assure fans that DLC news for Injustice 2 would be coming sooner rather than later, though I’m not sure anyone expected it to emerge this quickly. But hey, here they are, the first three characters coming to the DC brawler post-launch, although one of them is a long way from home.

Yes, as you read in the title, NetherRealm’s own Mortal Kombat icon Sub-Zero will jump ship from his native world to Injustice 2‘s, bringing his unique brand of icy justice to the table. I’m sure he’ll have a few interesting words to share with Captain Cold as well. As for the other two combatants, one is Starfire, the royal exile from Tamaran who, if you’re not familiar with the comics, you may recognize from the early noughties Teen Titans show. Rounding out the trio is Red Hood, Batman’s protege and a role often associated with Jason Todd, a former Boy Wonder.

With Injustice 2′s day one roster now completely filled out, all that’s really left to do is wait for the game to finally launch on May 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. As far as future DLC is concerned, with Sub-Zero’s confirmation, his inclusion blows the doors wide open for other guest character appearances, if not from other franchises, then certainly from Mortal Kombat.

Tell us, who would you love to see join Injustice 2‘s ranks as a guest? Let us know in the comments section below.