Spider-Man 2 Could Have An Open-World Multiplayer Mode

Spider-Man Ps4

While Insomniac Games has yet to confirm a sequel to the instant classic that is PlayStation 4’s Spider-Man, its existence is, at this point, essentially an open secret.

Numerous leaks – from rumored plot details involving the villainous Oscorp and Venom to gameplay additions and everything in-between – have been flying around online with abandon for Spider-Man 2, with expectations being on Sony to provide a first look at the title as part of a game showcase flaunting the PlayStation 5’s power within the next month or so. This all remains firmly in the realms of conjecture, of course, and while we’ve no doubt that much of the hearsay to have surfaced so far is exactly that, there’s never smoke without fire.

Strangely enough, however, little to no information for a potential multiplayer addition has been shared so far, implying that Insomniac will once more be focusing its efforts on delivering a top-notch world populated with interesting characters.

The lack of any such method to take in the sights of Manhattan alongside a fellow web-slinger was certainly felt in the original game and perhaps now more than ever, the time is right to include such an option. Insomniac has proven that it knows how to craft exceptionally immersive open worlds with the likes of Sunset Overdrive and Spider-Man, and with the city of New York intrinsically linked to Marvel’s Wall-Crawler, what better method is there to keep a returning location feeling fresh than to let you enjoy it with a friend?

With Miles Morales likely to return as well as Venom and Carnage heavily rumored to make an appearance, making each playable in addition to Peter Parker could be the perfect method of implementation. Alternatively, the developer could decide to stick with what it knows works, though in doing so, it risks retreading the same ground. For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

Spider-Man 2 is rumored to release for PlayStation 5 in 2021.