The Internet’s Freaking Out Over The New Indiana Jones Game

indiana jones

Bethesda’s completely unexpected announcement earlier today has left folks reeling.

In case you missed it, the studio revealed via a short teaser video just hours ago that it’s partnering with the newly-established Lucasfilm Games in order to produce a project based on Indiana Jones. The affable treasure hunter, brought to life in the movie series of the same name by Harrison Ford, has become a cinematic icon for fans of action-adventure since the first effort, Raiders of the Lost Ark, landed in theaters back in 1981. Over the decades, three (soon to be four) sequels in the franchise have been released, with Bethesda’s own addition to the world also confirmed to feature a standalone story.

As for when it’ll be set (there’s plenty of unexplored territory), when it will release and for what platforms, those details are from confirmed, and given how early in the development process it clearly is, we likely won’t have answers to any of those burning questions for quite some time.

Despite that lack of information, however, the internet has already proceeded to start freaking out over the news and you can check out some initial reactions for yourself down below.

Indiana Jones Harrison Ford

Aside from the aforementioned trailer, Bethesda confirms that subsidiary studio MachineGames (of Wolfenstein fame) are in charge of the ambitious project, while The Elder Scrolls and Fallout overseer Todd Howard will serve as executive producer. A strong recipe for success, then, though we’ll obviously be withholding judgment until more specifics come down the pipeline.

While we wait, though, let us know in the usual place below what you’re hoping to get out of a truly open world, interactive Indiana Jones adventure!