IO Interactive To Reveal Hitman Episode 2 Release Date Next Week

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We’ve already been told that Hitman‘s second episode – to take place in Italy – will release at some point in April, but we should be getting a firm date next week, developer IO Interactive have announced.

Official name Sapienza, Hitman‘s second episode will be given a firm release date at some point next week, to directly follow this month’s Showstopper episode set in Paris.

It’s unclear whether we’ll only have to wait a couple of weeks for an early April release, or potentially a whole month if Sapienza launches in the latter part of the month, but either way, IO are making sure that fans have some new content to enjoy in the interim.

Starting from today, two new Escalation Contracts will be available for owners of the game’s first episode, and, if they follow the same format as previous versions, will task you with assassinating several targets with increasingly difficult methods. Additionally, a Vampire Magician Challenge Pack is set to début “in the coming weeks,” according to the studio.

Sounds like everything’s on track to meet expected release dates then, right? Not quite. Along with the above news, IO also confirmed that the arrival of the ‘Elusive Target’ mission mode has been delayed into April to release at a date closer to that of Episode 2.

Be sure to check back next week for IO Interactive’s release date confirmation for Hitman‘s Sapienza episode. The studio has previously stated that all the game’s major episodes will be available by the end of summer.