Jonathan Blow Sets The Witness Price At $40, Pre-Orders Now Open


On the eve of release, esteemed game designer Jonathan Blow (Braid) has locked down a firm asking price for The Witness.

Revealed through developer Thekla Inc.’s website (via NeoGAF), Blow noted that his Myst-inspired puzzler will cost $39.99 (€36.99/£29.99) when it launches across PlayStation 4 and PC on January 26. It’s now available to pre-order, too, with the dev jokingly claiming that those who secure their copy ahead of time will open up the limited bonus of, er, a “warm fuzzy feeling.”

Per Thekla:

A lot of people have been asking about preorders too. Preorders will go live on Steam and the Humble Store (and on this web site) today at noon PST. Unfortunately we won’t have preorders on PSN, because apparently developers have to set those up months in advance and we didn’t know that!

The preorders are regular price! They contain an amazing bonus pack-in: the warm fuzzy feeling that you have pre-ordered the game. (And that’s all). So it’s exactly the same as buying the game at launch, except earlier.

Boasting a rather remarkable voice cast – one which includes Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us) Phil LaMarr (Metal Gear Solid) Matthew Waterson (The Order: 1886) and musician Terra Deva – The Witness is now finally on the verge of launching across PlayStation 4 and PC. News of an Xbox One port possibly releasing reared its head earlier this week, only to be shot down by Blow.

Source: NeoGAF