Are These Screens From Just Cause 3?


Thanks to, we may have our first look at Just Cause 3. That is, if the four screens that leaked today are official, and really are from the game’s Xbox One debug version.

Shown within this limited gallery is a rather large and mountainous world map, alongside a bit of action, some exploration and a black market menu. It’s the latter one that has people talking, though, because it hints at an included microstransaction system. That said, someone close to the project — who has verified the image’s authenticity to Eurogamer — has stated that microtransactions were to play a much larger role in the previous incarnation of the game.

If their words are legitimate, then Just Cause 3 was originally planned for a free-to-play business model on PC, and a more robust, but microtransaction-based one on consoles. That has apparently changed, though, which is good news.

Here’s hoping that Avalanche truly is working on Just Cause 3, because the last game was a heck of a lot of fun. While the developer has teased the sequel before, it’s never been officially announced or confirmed.