Kevin Conroy Wants To See More Batman Video Games


The past couple of weeks have been great for fans of video games based on movies. Not only were we treated to a brand new trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Sagabut Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics finally pulled back the curtain on their upcoming Avengers game, which is shaping up to be an entirely different take on the world’s favorite heroes.

However, if you paid attention to all the announcements and reveals at this year’s E3, you may have noticed that one studio, in particular, was absent from the convention show floor. UK-based Rocksteady Studios, best known for their work on the Batman Arkham series, was nowhere to be found. A lot of fans were expecting the company to make some sort of big reveal, too, as it’s been three years since they released their last game, which was a brief, experimental VR title.

In fact, just a couple of days ago, Rocksteady took to their Twitter account to post a picture in celebration of Batman: Arkham Knight‘s four-year anniversary. Fans from all over poured in to show their love and appreciation – the post has nearly 30,000 likes at the time of writing – though one famous figure had a rather cheeky response.

As you can see above, legendary voice actor Kevin Conroy replied to Rocksteady’s post, asking why the studio doesn’t continue to make more Batman games. Conroy, who’s voiced the Caped Crusader for over 25 years, has also lent his acting chops for every single one of the Arkham titles.

It’s not entirely clear what Rocksteady is working on at the moment, though some rumors indicate that they’re putting together a Justice League game. Personally, we feel Arkham Knight did an excellent job of wrapping up the series and would love to see the development team tackle another franchise. Whatever they end up working on though, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any rumors or speculation that comes our way.

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