Rocksteady Employee May’ve Accidentally Confirmed A Justice League Game


Ever since the release of Arkham Knight, fans have been wondering what Rocksteady is going to follow it with. Their Arkham trilogy set the standard for what a superhero video game could be, with the titles allowing you to be Batman in a way that no game before it ever managed. But Arkham Knight landed way back in 2015 and, other than the underrated Arkham VR, it’s been radio silence ever since.

The usual theory is that they’re working on a Superman game, no doubt hoping that with their Batman experience they can finally work out how to let players be a fully-powered Man of Steel fighting evil in Metropolis. But those rumors have developed over the years into the studio developing a fully-fledged Justice League title. And now, a new recruit has tweeted a very interesting (and very quickly deleted) image celebrating his new job: featuring the heroes as seen in the DCEU logo.

If this really is an inadvertent leak, I’m betting the poor bastard that posted this will find that his first day will also be his last at Rocksteady. The studio is notoriously secretive and I’m betting they’ll take this as a sign that this guy can’t keep his mouth closed. But if it’s true, then the previous talk of a co-operative multiplayer Justice League game might just come to pass. Working out how to balance the various members of the League online sounds like a nightmare – how can Batman and Superman both be useful on the same team? – but if any studio can pull it off, Rocksteady can.

They’ve had enough time to work on it at any rate. With this generation of consoles winding down, it’s possible that the game could end up as next generation (or cross-generation) release. Either way, E3 is just around the corner so let’s hope we get an official confirmation on a Justice League project sooner rather than later.