Killer Instinct Adds Fulgore And Arcade Mode


Double Helix has concluded its planned Killer Instinct updates with Fulgore. The familiar fighter — who was my personal favourite back when the original game was a new release — helps to flesh out the free-to-play Xbox One exclusive’s roster, and does so by providing fans with a popular face and a well-liked move set. As mentioned previously, his introduction also marks the developer’s final obligation to the game’s fans, as they’ve effectively handed over update duties to Iron Galaxy Games (Divekick) in the process. This change comes as a result of Amazon’s recent purchase of Double Helix.

Fulgore is introduced via a 6.8 gigabyte patch, which also carries three major gameplay changes, the first of which is a lobby system that supports 8 players. That alteration is joined by a spectator option, plus Arcade Mode, the backbone of most fighting games. Now, fans will finally have a chance to test their skills against a ladder of enemies, as opposed to having to deal with random single encounters.

Check out Fulgore’s launch trailer below, then let us know your thoughts pertaining to this most recent Killer Instinct update.

Thanks goes out to Maximilian Dude for the video