Killer Instinct’s Next DLC Character Is The Minigun-Wielding Kilgore, Patch 3.6 Out Today


The latest addition to Killer Instinct‘s existing roster of eclectic fighters will be Kilgore, another machination of the evil Ultratech corporation, developer Iron Galaxy has announced. Revealed via a video (above) outlining the new content and balance changes being introduced with today’s patch 3.6, brief footage of the character in action can be seen around the one minute mark and boy, does he look dangerous.

Those familiar with the series will no doubt note the obvious aesthetic similarities between Kilgore and existing fighter Fulgore – unsurprising, considering their similar origins – but there’s a very obvious difference. Described as an amalgamation of Ultratech technology by Killer Instinct community manager Rukari Austin (via Polygon) on Twitter, Kilgore does away with the limbs you’d usually see attached to the shoulders and replaces them with giant miniguns. While they’re not used in the short gameplay clip, we imagine form part of the character’s potent repertoire, along with rocket-boosted backflips and other shenanigans.

Kilgore will be available to download at some point in January on Xbox One and PC, with players being given the chance to fight against the intimidating robot later this week. As for today’s scheduled patch, a new costume for Thunder will be made available for free to all existing players and was modelled in collaboration “with the Nez Perce tribe” in order to give the burly brawler an “authentic warrior outfit.” Improvements to existing single-player modes, including the ability to unlock new skins, are also on the cards, as well as a huge number of tweaks to character balance, all of which you can read about in more detail here.

With the entirety of the series’ original cast now available in the Xbox One version of Killer Instinct, where Iron Galaxy will go next with a potential fourth season of characters remains to be seen. Entirely new creations could well be the order of the day from here on out or, alternatively, players could well be seeing even more guest fighters released throughout 2017.

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