Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning Online Pass Relates To Day One DLC

When it was revealed that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning includes an online pass system, some gamers were noticeably upset. A lot of it had to do with them thinking that the content was already on the disc, which is a surefire way to anger the gaming community these days. However, according to Curt Schilling (the head of 38 Studios,) that is not the case. There’s no need to worry about being locked out of something you’ve paid for because the House of Valor content is day one downloadable content. It happens to be included in new copies of the game as an incentive to purchase the game new, as opposed to used.

After hearing about a forty-eight page long thread of frustrated comments on his game’s official forums, Schilling decided to take matters into his own hands, in an attempt to personally clear the air. The result was a lengthy and very honest post, which those interested in purchasing the game should definitely read through. In it, he apologizes for the situation and explains that it could have been handled better. He goes on to mention that the code is included as a reward for fans who support the company and its soon-to-be-released passion project.

Below are quotes taken from the aforementioned post:

“You can argue the merits and effectiveness of it, but right now it’s how it’s done and as someone that’s as invested as I am in this company, I stand by what has happened.”

“It is my responsibility as the leader to know of things like this and be aware that it would become an issue, I failed on both accounts. No one else is to blame, but at the same time there is no nefarious attempt to do anything under handed here.”