Knights Of The Eternal Throne Expansion Announced For Star Wars: The Old Republic


EA and BioWare have announced a brand new expansion for their Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO by way of a flashy cinematic trailer. Titled Knights of the Eternal Throne and launching December 2, the new content will be completely free to Premium players and promises to continue the narrative first laid out by previous expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire.

When the new features drop in December, players will have nine new story chapters to navigate through, as well as two new planets that expands The Old Republic’s already “epic saga.” As was the case with the previous expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne will be endgame content, but in order to give new and returning players alike equal opportunities to get stuck right in, BioWare’s letting all players enjoy it by way of an instant level 65 character, a “veteran of the Great Galactic War.”

Lucrative new rewards await you at the bottom of the rabbit hole, all of which will come at level 70 – the new level cap. You won’t have to battle the forces of light and dark on your lonesome either, as players can team up with three other allies to experience “action-packed battles and confront the galaxy’s most notorious adversaries.”

Having begun life as a subscription-only game, Star Wars: The Old Republic has since adopted a free-to-play model with a premium subscription available to those who chose to use it.